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Write Your Way to College


Write Your Way to College: Get Personalized Help to Ace Your Common App Essay and Take New Writing Tools to School
With Steve Peha, Educator, Author, Founder of Teaching That Makes Sense, Inc.

NOTE: All participants receive unlimited individual time with Mr. Peha via email in order to take their essays from prompt to perfect. Mr. Peha donates his time for free. There is no additional charge for this service to workshop participants.



College application essays are hard. The stakes are high. The prompts are complicated. Writing about ourselves is never easy.

Then there’s all that competition: more kids are applying to more colleges than ever before.

And it’s not just what you write that matters. How well you write matters, too: every paragraph needs to be logical; every sentence crisp and correct, every comma in the perfect position.

This is why everyone deserves some support on their college application essays.

We all need an overview of the Common App prompts and how to choose the one that’s just right for us. We need solid planning tools to flesh out ideas quickly so we don’t waste time.

Then we need techniques to get the most out of our work and keep the length under the 650-word suggested maximum. It’s also nice, too, if we have someone with us, from beginning to end, to keep us on track.

So come to a workshop where you’ll get everything you need. Spend an afternoon with Steve Peha, award-winning author of Be a Better Writer, a #1 Amazon best-selling book in Teen Composition.

He’ll give you a strong foundation for a solid start. But his support won’t end there: after the workshop is over, Mr. Peha will take you from wherever you are all the way to the final word. Working over email, you’ll get personal help for your entire essay from pre-writing to drafting to revising—all the way to the final edits.

You’ll also get a free copy of Steve’s book to use as a reference for all the techniques you’ll master as create the best essay you’ve ever written in your life. Get the help you deserve. Get someone on your side who has not only written his share of college entrance essays but who has taught thousands of kids to improve their essay writing skills.

If there was ever a time when you needed to do your best on a piece of writing, this is it. So get the best help you can. Come to a workshop. Get individual support along the way from your first word to the final period.

Get a useful book you can use now and for years to come. Learn new and valuable writing skills you can take with you when your essay stands out from the rest and helps you get accepted at the college of your choice.

Though focused on the Common App, this workshop and follow-up support will be valuable to anyone applying anywhere with any essay requirements.

Younger students are also encouraged to attend. Regardless of grade or skill level, you’ll learn many of the most important things you’ll need for any kind of writing you encounter—and you’ll be able to take advantage of Mr. Peha’s individual help, too.

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