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Wine Class: Splurge vs. Economy: Wines to Hold Back vs. “Porch Pounders”

April 4, 6-7:30pm

Price is relative for every individual. There are wines that we save for special occasions while drinking it with the best kind of company and there are wines that we all just want to enjoy with our everyday meal. The latter need neither be plonk nor something that breaks the bank. The $15-$25 per bottle has been identified as the sweet spot for purchasing wines before it hits a consumer’s point of diminishing returns.

As price and taste have been the top drivers of wine purchases in the US for a study done in 2017, this class will explore three different grape varietals in two different categories, one for saving/splurging, and one for every day drinking. This course will identify the wines’ potential to age and understand their differences.

Seats are at $85 per person.

The fine print: Classes are non-refundable. Please include the names of attending guests in the gift message area.

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