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Dupatta Noor Pompom Shawl in Goji

We are crazy about this luxurious Pashmina pompom scarf by our friends at Matta New York.  

It starts with the goat underbelly being combed by hand - these are the softest hairs, as they never see the sun. The hairs are then spun by hand into thread, hand-dyed, then hand-woven. This can take two weavers up to two days for one scarf. Then edges are finished, and the pom poms are sewn on by hand. The initials of the weavers can be found stitched in one corner of the shawl.

We have a beautiful collection of Noor dupattas in the shop in solids and subtle stripes, but this Goji red is a stunning choice for this season. Flattering on most everyone and so festive for the season! These wraps are incredibly versatile - perfect for travel, added warmth over a jacket, and a fabulous cocktail wrap. This is a piece you will have for a lifetime.

100% Pashmina wool, dry clean only. 100 x 200 cm (38 ½” x 72”)

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