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Kingdom of the Blind

A Better Man

June 25, 6:30PM

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Entrance to the Fearrington Barn author reading with a purchase from McIntyre’s of either the paperback edition of Kingdom of the Blind ($18.14) or her upcoming hardcover to be released August 28, A Better Man ($30.95). 

Bookstore check-in is available between 1 - 4pm. Check-in will close from 4-5 as we set up at the Barn. Check-in resumes at 5pm when the Barn doors open.

If you buy a paperback copy of Kingdom of the Blind, we have presigned copies to give you at check in.

If you pre-order A Better Man, the upcoming adventures of Armand Gamache, those books will be available for pick up after Tuesday, August 27th. If we need to ship the book to you, we will do so for a $6 fee. We will be contacting everyone closer to the release date.

Ms. Penny will begin her talk at 6:30. There will not be a signing line afterwards as all the books we are handing out are presigned.

  • When a peculiar letter arrives inviting Armand Gamache to an abandoned farmhouse, the former head of the Sûreté du Québec discovers that a complete stranger has named him one of the executors of her will. Still on suspension, and frankly curious, Gamache accepts and soon learns that the other two executors are Myrna Landers, the bookseller from Three Pines, and a young builder.

    None of them had ever met the elderly woman.

    The will is so odd and includes bequests that are so wildly unlikely that Gamache and the others suspect the woman must have been delusional. But what if, Gamache begins to ask himself, she was perfectly sane?

    When a body is found, the terms of the bizarre will suddenly seem less peculiar and far more menacing.

    But it isn’t the only menace Gamache is facing.

    The investigation into what happened six months ago―the events that led to his suspension―has dragged on, into the dead of winter. And while most of the opioids he allowed to slip through his hands, in order to bring down the cartels, have been retrieved, there is one devastating exception.

    Enough narcotic to kill thousands has disappeared into inner city Montreal. With the deadly drug about to hit the streets, Gamache races for answers.

    As he uses increasingly audacious, even desperate, measures to retrieve the drug, Armand Gamache begins to see his own blind spots. And the terrible things hiding there.

  • The air is thick with excitement and anxiety as Sûreté du Québec agents gather in the conference room for the Monday morning meeting of the homicide department.

    This will be Armand Gamache’s first day back since his demotion from head of the entire force, to head of homicide. Complicating matters, he’ll be sharing the duties with his former second-in-command, Jean-Guy Beauvoir.

    Amid blistering social media attacks, Gamache sets out on his first assignment – to find a missing woman.

    The search for Vivienne Godin is played out against a backdrop of catastrophic spring flooding. Three Pines itself is threatened, as the Rivière Bella Bella breaks its banks. A province-wide emergency is declared and desperate efforts are underway to save towns and cities, dams and bridges.

    As Gamache leads the search for Vivienne, he develops a profound empathy for her distraught father. With a daughter of his own, he finds himself haunted by the question, how would you feel, if…

    As the rivers rise, and the social media onslaught becomes crueler, a body is discovered. And the victim’s father contemplates a murder of his own.

    And the question facing both Gamache and Beauvoir shifts.

    What would you do, if… your child’s killer might walk free?

  • LOUISE PENNY is the #1 New York Times and Globe and Mail bestselling author of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache novels. She has been awarded the John Creasey Dagger, Nero, and Barry Awards, as well as each of the Arthur Ellis, Macavity, and Dilys Awards. Additionally, Louise has won five Agatha Awards and five Anthony Awards. She lives in a small village south of Montréal.



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